Teledyne LightHawk 560ES Opacity/Dust Monitor

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The Teledyne LightHawk 560ES is an LED-sourced, modulated double-pass opacity and dust monitor.

It is suited for applications with very low emissions limits, and meets ASTM D6216-12 ANNEX 1 requirements.

The LightHawk features a modulated LED as its light source, extending source life to an expectation of 10 years or more. A modulated source also aids in fully mitigating ambient light conditions at the installation site.

The 560ES features an Enhanced Remote Panel, with a backlit digital display providing access to the operating output and internal variables and registers, and the ability to display limited trends of the same.

The LightHawk 560ES is capable of 10/100 ethernet communication as well as standard (potentiometric or current loop) data acquisition outputs.