Rosemount 400A Analyzers (for sale)

Refurbished analyzer. Fully warrantied. Fully supported. Starting price: $7500.

Free options/configurations:

  • pure fuel (100% hydrogen) or mixed fuel (40% hydrogen balance helium or nitrogen) with flame safety board controlled fuel solenoid
  • standard capillary, high range capillary, or capillary built to specification.

Additional cost options:

  • 4-20 mADC daughter board
  • remote zero board
  • sample shut-off solenoid

This is a professionally refurbished analyzer that meets or exceeds all factory specifications.  It is currently configured for standard sensitivity and 40/60 mixed fuel but can be configured to meet your needs.  A one year warranty is provided.


Power Requirements                 115 VAC ±10%, 50/60 ±3 Hz, 250 W

Operating Temperature            32°F to 110°F (0°C to 43°C)

Case Temperature Control       112° ±5.4°F (50° ±3°C)

Dimensions                                    8.75 in (22.2 cm) H,  18.75 in. (47.6 cm) W, 15.88 in. (40.3 cm) D

Panel Cutout                                 17.75 in. X 8.25 in. (45,1 cm x 21,0 cm)

Repeatability                                 1% of full scale for successive identical samples.

Response Time                              90% of full scale in 0.6 seconds with sample

Range                                               Seven ranges: x1, x2.5, x10, x25, x100, x250, and x1000.  An 8th position sets analyzer in REMOTE range control.

Output (Standard)                       0 to 5 VDC, 0 to 1 VDC, 0 to 0.1 VDC fully buffered

Output (Optional)                        4 to 20 mA isolated voltage to current


Safety Features

  1. Flame-on indication and automatic flame-out fuel shutoff.
  2. All metal tubing with ferrule/nut compression fittings to minimize potential fuel leaks.
  3. Self-ventilated chassis maintains internal atmosphere below 25% of LEL for worst case internal leakage.