We enjoy performing training.  Sometimes we do this on site (i.e., your town, your company, your conference room), and then sometimes students are sent to Wooster, Ohio for training at our facility.

Here are some topics that we’ve already written a syllabus for:

  • Total hydrocarbon (THC) analysis
  • 400A THC analyzer operation & repair
  • Chemilluminescence (wrt NOx measurements)
  • 951A, 951C NOx analyzer operation & repair
  • Visual emissions analysis
  • Rosemount OPM2000, OPM200A, OPM200R, OPM2001 operation & repair
  • Teledyne LightHawk 560 operation & repair
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) & stack emissions monitoring
  • Rosemount GMP CEMS operation & repair
  • other manufacturers CEMS operationi & repair
  • Rosemount NGA analyzer operation & repair
  • Rosemount MLT analyzer operation & repair