Teledyne 4020


TAI Model 4020 uses a field proven FID detector to measure THC in various streams. This instrument is ideal for monitoring hydrocarbon contamination in high purity bulk gases. When coupled with Teledyne’s unique separation column, the 4020 is also diverse enough to be applied in hazardous locations for the detection of volatile hydrocarbons in cooling water for process leak detection and environmental compliance.


• Monitoring the purity of oxygen, argon, nitrogen and other blanketing gases in the manufacture of microcircuits • Monitoring hydrocarbon contamination in air liquefaction and other gas production processes • Gas purity certification • Detecting trace hydrocarbons in ambient air • Detecting atmospheric pollutants • Monitoring for fuel leakage or toxic solvents • Monitoring hydrocarbons in CO2 feed streams in the food/beverage industry



Dimensions                                   17.65″ wide x 8.81″ high x 13.25″ deep


Panel Cutout                                17.5″ wide x 8.95″ high




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The RIGAS 951 Calculator

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