Rentals (under construction)

If you are in need of temporary replacement analyzers, or analyzers for experimental purposes, check out our list of rental equipment for your COMS, CEMS, or process needs!

Here is a list of equipment that we have for rent:

  • Teledyne LightHawk opacity analyzer
  • Teledyne 2750 Hydrogen / CO2 / air TCD analyzer
  • Teledyne 4020
  • Teledyne 402R-EU (with adapter plug to simulate a 4020 D50 connection)
  • Teledyne 2000 Thermal Conductivity (hydrogen, helium) analyzer
  • Teledyne 3000 Trace Oxygen (can be configured for percent oxygen)
  • Rosemount XStream PMD (oxygen) analyzer
  • Rosemount NGA-2000 CLD
  • Rosemount NGA-2000 FID
  • Rosemount NGA-2000 PMD
  • Rosemount NGA-2000 NDIR
  • Rosemount WC3000 oxygen analyzer system
  • Rosemount WC3000 oxygen probe (specify length; not all lengths are in stock)
  • Rosemount 400A THC analyzer (configured to your specifications)
  • Rosemount / Beckman 400 THC analyzer (limited configurations)
  • Chessel chart recorder
  • AC inverter (not UPS) for powering a single analyzer (isolates the analyzer from a “dirty” grid)
  • ADI single head sample pump
  • ADI dual head sample pump
  • Perma Pure peristaltic pump
  • Yellow Jacket Bullet vacuum pump (Richie Engineering Co.). 2 stage, rotary vane.  (achieves 25 microns absolute; 0.00098425097″ HgA)
  • Dell laptop PC loaded with Rockwell RS Logix software (various versions)
  • Stream Switcher, 5 loop, PLC driven, SSR outputs
  • Baldwin / Perma Pure gas conditioner
  • Mini sample systems (assembled per your specification)