RIGAS 4020 normal repair activities

This is a short list of activities that we perform on your analyzer:

  • First, we do AS-FOUND testing:
    • is anything broken inside?
    • does it power up?
    • does the case heater work?
    • are the displays working?
    • does it light?
    • does it respond to calibration gases?
    • does it seem to be contaminated?
    • do the regulators and gauges work correctly?
    • do the analog outputs work?
  • We test all of the restrictors and test them for performance against the OEM’s specifications.
  • We replace out-of-specification restrictors
  • We do a clean up of the interior
  • We repair anything that is broken (with your authorization)
  • We reassemble, light, test, calibrate, and run for 24 hours on a data acquisition trend
  • We attach calibration stickers and optimized pressure settings stickers
  • We write up a service report
  • Then it’s boxed up and shipped according to your specifications

If you get the analyzer back and find that something is not quite right, PLEASE CALL US. It could be as simple as a loose coax cable or ribbon cable … certainly something out of our control after it leaves our facility.

We sincerely appreciate your business and trust in our company.


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