List of common issues

  • The ozone lamp will die after many years of service
    • but along the way, it will begin to decrease its ozone (O3) production and you WILL experience Ozone Starvation (see other FAQ)
  • The ozone lamp power supply might live long enough to power two or three lamps
  • The Darlington Pair power transistor that controls current to the sensor chip’s Peltier cooler will fail
    • sometimes age;
    • sometimes the Peltier chip pulls too much current;
    • sometimes a technician will unplug and re-plug the Darlington cable and blow the transistor (I’ve done this at least once)
  • When reassembling technicians can cause stress on the ACU02 (the CPU board that sits on top of the BPR (backpressure regulator) by not routing the ribbon cables neatly;  this will break solder connections on some very sensitive chips.