Ducon® (MIP)



We provide annual EPA Title V audits. We also perform monthly or quarterly services to help our customers achieve trouble free operation of their COMS.

Our highly qualified technicians are available on an emergency basis to perform repairs and minimize your EPA downtime. We have a reputation for being there when needed.


MIP Electronics develops and manufactures high quality particle emission measurement equipment and solutions. Their opacity monitors can be applied in a variety of industries from: incinerators, cement factories, organic fuel power plants, to the metal and petrochemical industry.

Primarily featured is the LM Series of particulate and opacity monitors:

  • LM 3086 SE/SER/EPA
  • LM 3189
  • LM 3189 B1

Visit MIP at: opacitymonitors.fi for more information on their particle emission products.


Operation since 1986


LM 3089 Manual

LM 3188 Manual

LM 3189 Manual

LM Product Pamphlet



System Overview Diagram

Controller Diagram

Optical Path Diagram

System Schematic Diagram

Wiring Diagram



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