Rosemount MLT IR (infrared) source 42716489-V1 is obsolete. Replaced by 42716489-V1-RIGAS

This is a PROPOSED REPLACEMENT for Rosemount’s obsolete 42716489-V1 source. The 42716489-V1 became NLA (no longer available) August 2023. This was primarily due to the OEM’s closure of its Hasselroth Germany facility. RIGAS is taking advance orders for this item; the first batch is expected to ship mid December 2023 or sooner.

ORIGINAL INFORMATION ABOUT 42716489-V1: This is an infrared source (IR) for the MLT microchannel physics benches. Typically used for CO and CO2 measurements. Two wires. Reads approx. 20 ohms when new. Encapsulated (includes hermetically sealed BaF2 window and nitrogen filled cavity) infrared source with parabolic mirror;  with wire harness (two conductors) and plug (5 pins connector (2 wires, 2 blanks, 1 key; connects to PIC01 or XSP01). See specification sheet – cut sheet.

Signaflex By Bailey Meter Company (Bailey Instruments) (ABB)

If you’re looking for somebody to at least attempt to repair your aging Signaflex Type RR Indicator-Controller then call us.  I have used these controllers when I worked at a power plant years ago.  I’ve attached a manual that I obtained recently.

You’ll probably discover that Bailey has been bought up by ABB.  ABB has purged all old information about this product line so you (we) are on our own.

655856 Rosemount IR LED Source Assembly Now Obsolete

RIGAS found out that this part is NLA (no longer available).  It may take a little doing but I think RIGAS can get more of these.  Call us at 877-616-0600 to find out if we we’re successful.

Additional info: this item usually NEVER fails. It’s an infrared (IR) emitting LED (light emitting diode) that is glued in to a holder specifically designed for the NGA-2000 PMD analyzer (paramagnetic oxygen analyzer).

Beckman/Rosemount 7C Case Heater Replacement

You might be looking for the old P/N 778521 … this is no longer available from the OEM.   RIGAS manufactures a replacement case heater asembly (p/n: 65B0001).   Our unit uses a Dywer Instruments digital temperature controller which makes it more accurate and more stable than the original analog controller board.   Our assembly includes: heater, digital temperature controller, fan, RTD, bracket, power cable (harness), installation instructions, thermal fuse, and fan guards.  No new mounting holes are required;  our unit has the same footprint as the 778521 assembly.    One wire (for heater “on” indication) has to be relocated.

We build these on demand; it can take a week or two to manufacture.

The price from the OEM back in 2003 was approximately $1100.  Our unit sells for $1500.

Call us at 877-616-0600  and ask for p/n: 65B0001!!

Model 320 (Or 320A) Stream Switcher By Beckman (Or Rosemount) Is NLA

This is an old mechanical, rotary drum & rocker switch, stream switcher. It was designed as a 5 streams or 10 streams unit.

RIGAS can fabricate a replacement. We utilize more modern parts (i.e., a PLC replaces the mechanical timers; status lights are replaced by LEDs). Other options are available too, just ask.

Here are some part numbers that you might find in this unit:

  • 138515 operator’s manual,
  • 138520 operator’s manual,
  • 123770 front panel,
  • 117956 SLIDE RAIL,
  • 081810 manual.

OXA-1000 By Rosemount Is Obsolete But Still Serviceable

This analyzer has fallen off of the proverbial radar! It its day, this was a very good analyzer. It is still in use across the country (maybe even the world). RIGAS can service this unit. The main failure problem is its ZrO2 (zirconium oxide) sensing cell. Don’t throw this unit away … please call us for a ballpark quote and/or technical support.

This analyzer was commonly referred to as “Ox in a box” (i.e., zirconium oxide based oxygen in a rack mountable chassis).

The unit was fabricated in Shannon, Ireland (a Rosemount factory back in the 70s, 80s, & early 90s).

Rosemount OPM2000, OPM2000A, OPM2000R, & OPM2001 Are Obsolete / NLA / No Longer Available / Discontinued

The Rosemount OPM-2000 series opacity analyzers have been discontinued by the OEM since circa 2010. We had a good run of maintaining these analyzers to keep them viable for many years beyond their discontinuance but now we are at the point where we can’t purchase or produce parts.  We have 98% of the parts available but the main things that we can’t get ahold of are LCWs (liquid crystal windows).   LCWs are the heart and magic of the Rosemount OPM analyzer; without new LCWs, quality repairs are virtually impossible.  Call us to talk about replacement analyzers!

If you are contemplating a wholesale replacement of your COMS, remember to look at the following criteria:

  • Rosemount OPM series is out of production; OPM series is not supported with parts by OEM (Rosemount); OEM liquid crystal windows are no longer available;  OPM series is not supported technically by OEM (Rosemount) (mainly due to retirement of key individuals).
  • Operating costs (quarterly audits, annual audits, miscellaneous repairs) on any new opacity analyzer is about $13K per year
  • Analyzer replacment cost is about $35K plus $10K (stack modification, rewiring, etc) plus recertification $15K – Total = $60K
  • Any COMS replacement ‘should’ marry politely in to your existing COMS reporting system (this is a huge savings).  There will be some necessary minor adjustment to your data system to account for the differences between Rosemount’s daily zero & upscale checks verses the new analyzer’s daily routine; this is customarily performed by the customer’s IT or DCS programmers.  Assistance is provided by RIGAS during installation.

We have four options to consider:

  1. Complete new system – approximately $60K
  2. Complete used system (with all proper certifications) – approximately $45K
  3. Partial new system (new analyzers coupled to the Rosemount “L” Frame and blowers, and existing wires are utilized) – approximately $45K
  4. Partial used system (used analyzers coupled to the Rosemount “L” Frame and blowers, and existing wires are utilized) – approximately $30K

Please call us for additional information or consultation.

3D39208G01, 3D39365G01, 3D39580G01, 3D39664G01 OPM2000 Series (Includes: OPM-2000A, OPM-2000R, OPM-2001) Stack Termination Boards Are OBSOLETE Per The OEM

The OPM2000 series analyzers have been obsoleted for many years. That does NOT mean that they are no longer viable. RIGAS continues to invest in replacement parts to keep these units running for many years to come. RIGAS has designed a universal replacement board; here are the cross-reference numbers:

3D39208G01 – replaced by 40E0024R3
– for the OPM2000 original analyzers

3D39365G01 – replaced by 40E0024R2
– for the OPM2000A rev A (Rev A does not utilize a computer type D9 connector on its communications pigtail coming out of the transceiver)

3D39580G01 – replaced by 40E0024R1
– for the OPM2000A rev B (Rev B does utilize a computer type D9 connector on its communications pigtail coming out of the transceiver)

3D39664G01 – replaced by 40E0024R0
– for the OPM2000R & OPM2001

Note the separate connection for the blower wires AND the heavy duty toggle switch to allow your technician to service the blower without having to turn off the entire opacity analyzer.

Rosemount 755 Series Bicell (Bi-Cell) 622356 Is No Longer Available At OEM

This is the bi-cell (photocell) in the 755 series paramagnetic oxygen gas analyzers. Its function is to determine the position of the test body (dumb bell) based upon the relative intensity of the light beam bouncing off of a mirror attached to the test body.

RIGAS has a replacement for this NLA (no longer available) part. Call us at 877-616-0600.

Your 755, 755G, 755A, 755R, and 755EX are NOT obsolete. As long as you don’t destroy your detector (dumb-bell assembly) we can maintain this unit for many. many years to come.

Original manufacturer: Beckman, Rosemount, Beckman Industrial