Rosemount OPM2000, OPM2000A, OPM2000R, & OPM2001 Are Obsolete / NLA / No Longer Available / Discontinued

The Rosemount OPM-2000 series opacity analyzers have been discontinued by the OEM since circa 2010. We had a good run of maintaining these analyzers to keep them viable for many years beyond their discontinuance but now we are at the point where we can’t purchase or produce parts.  We have 98% of the parts available but the main things that we can’t get ahold of are LCWs (liquid crystal windows).   LCWs are the heart and magic of the Rosemount OPM analyzer; without new LCWs, quality repairs are virtually impossible.  Call us to talk about replacement analyzers!

If you are contemplating a wholesale replacement of your COMS, remember to look at the following criteria:

  • Rosemount OPM series is out of production; OPM series is not supported with parts by OEM (Rosemount); OEM liquid crystal windows are no longer available;  OPM series is not supported technically by OEM (Rosemount) (mainly due to retirement of key individuals).
  • Operating costs (quarterly audits, annual audits, miscellaneous repairs) on any new opacity analyzer is about $13K per year
  • Analyzer replacment cost is about $35K plus $10K (stack modification, rewiring, etc) plus recertification $15K – Total = $60K
  • Any COMS replacement ‘should’ marry politely in to your existing COMS reporting system (this is a huge savings).  There will be some necessary minor adjustment to your data system to account for the differences between Rosemount’s daily zero & upscale checks verses the new analyzer’s daily routine; this is customarily performed by the customer’s IT or DCS programmers.  Assistance is provided by RIGAS during installation.

We have four options to consider:

  1. Complete new system – approximately $60K
  2. Complete used system (with all proper certifications) – approximately $45K
  3. Partial new system (new analyzers coupled to the Rosemount “L” Frame and blowers, and existing wires are utilized) – approximately $45K
  4. Partial used system (used analyzers coupled to the Rosemount “L” Frame and blowers, and existing wires are utilized) – approximately $30K

Please call us for additional information or consultation.

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