Rosemount MLT IR (infrared) source 42716489-V1 is obsolete. Replaced by 42716489-V1-RIGAS

This is a PROPOSED REPLACEMENT for Rosemount’s obsolete 42716489-V1 source. The 42716489-V1 became NLA (no longer available) August 2023. This was primarily due to the OEM’s closure of its Hasselroth Germany facility. RIGAS is taking advance orders for this item; the first batch is expected to ship mid December 2023 or sooner.

ORIGINAL INFORMATION ABOUT 42716489-V1: This is an infrared source (IR) for the MLT microchannel physics benches. Typically used for CO and CO2 measurements. Two wires. Reads approx. 20 ohms when new. Encapsulated (includes hermetically sealed BaF2 window and nitrogen filled cavity) infrared source with parabolic mirror;  with wire harness (two conductors) and plug (5 pins connector (2 wires, 2 blanks, 1 key; connects to PIC01 or XSP01). See specification sheet – cut sheet.